Flooding in Thailand

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As you may know about  flood water in Thailand. According to a report from Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, We have been 8,078,769 people affected by and 250 died in flood hitting Thailand during 26Sep. to Now (3/Oct./ 2011). The flood water have affected 60 provinces in Northern, Northeastern, Eastern and Central areas across the country. Now many team and organization in Thailand move to each province to helping people in flooding area. I would like you to donate money through online channel to support and helping people in Thailand. If you can help small money can help and safe them from this situation. You can donate via Credit Card, Paypal, Paysbuy through Online Channel. All money will give it to The Thai Red Cross Society.

Donate direct to Red Cross Society:

1. Online Donate
2. Bank Transfer

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Thank you very much for your help.

Thailand Flooding  Thailand flooding  Thailand flooding

Thailand flooding  Thailand flooding  Thailand flooding

Thailand Flooding  Thailand flooding  Thailand flooding crisis

For your information: Phuket not effected by flooding crisis. 

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