Please help people in Philippines

 Dear Visitors,

Children in the Philippines are still waiting for your help!!


Super Typhoon Haiyan — one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall — has brought terrible destruction to the Philippines. Thousands are feared dead. Up to 5.5 million children may be affected by the typhoon.

 Many of these children and their families have lost everything – their loved ones, their homes and all their possessions – and now face a grim struggle to survive. They are in urgent need of emergency assistance.

 UNICEF has been trucking and airlifting relief supplies – including shelter supplies, medicines, water purification tablets and hygiene kits – to Tacloban and other affected areas, and water and sanitation supplies to restore access to clean water. We have also redeployed emergency supplies and staff already in the Philippines to affected areas, and are establishing UNICEF field offices in Tacloban and other hard-hit areas.

 But many more are needed to be done.

 UNICEF is appealing to the Thai public by providing the funds to help millions of children and their families.

 Every moment matters for them. Please help now.

 Other ways to donate:

Call 02 356 9299 or transfer money to UNICEF Thailand:

Bangkok Bank -Saving Account, Kor Por Branch - 201-3-01324-4

SCB - Saving Account, Banglumpoo Branch - 003-3-10443-3

KBank - Saving Account, Banglumpoo Branch - 008-1-09766-6


(please fax pay-in slip and donation form to 02 356 9229)

Donate to Redcross Philippine:

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