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Phi Phi island tours
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James Bond island & Phang Nga bay tours
bulletJames Bond + Elephant Tour
bulletJames Bond island by Cruise
bulletJames Bond by Long tail boat
bulletJames Bond by Speedboat
bulletPhang Nga in Sunset
bulletSunset Dinner by June Bahtra
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"Gembira Tour Phuket" your local travel agency & travel connection in Phuket


                 4 Trips Must Do in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket island ThailandPhi Phi island Maya Bay ThailandJames Bond island Phang Nga Bay ThailandPhuket Fantasea show
  Phuket city tour                 Phi Phi island tour              James Bond island tour         Phuket Fantasea Show
 Sawaddee Kah!! It means "Hello." This is a word we use for greeting in Thailand.
(If you are a man you have to say “Sawaddee Krab.”)  Greeting from "Gembira Tour Phuket" & Welcome to Phuket Island, Thailand!!
one of the world's most famous holiday tour destinations. Phuket offers many amazing tourist attractions and different optional tours,
such as island trips, adventure tours, sea sport activities, and ground tour excursions. 
The Similan Islands and Phi Phi Islands are a paradise for sea lovers. These islands are the best for snorkeling tours and diving trips.
If you love sightseeing and are wish to explore the natural environment in Thailand,
we highly recommend a day trip to Phang Nga Bay National Park. Visit the “James Bond” Island, Panyee Island
or the Muslim Fisherman Floating Village. On this island you can see houses, a Mosque and school all built on the sea. It's just amazing!!! 
Phang Nga Bay National Park is surrounding by mangrove forests, limestone cliffs and historical caves.
James Bond island sea cave canoe tour is one of the most popular trips in Phang Nga Bay.
If you are an animal lover, be sure to visit the baby elephant show, monkey show, Phuket Aquarium and Phuket Zoo.
If you are adventurous and a safari lover, you should try whitewater rafting,
elephant trekking safari tours,
Khao Sok National Park Jungle walk and ATV riding for your exciting experience in Phuket. 
If you would like to learn about Thai culture, history and the daily lifestyle of Phuket local residents,
fulfill your educational trip with a
Phuket City sightseeing tour. Visit Phuket Old Town or Sino Portuguese House
and the Sea Gypsy Village at Rawai Beach. If you are love shopping, you shouldn't miss Phuket Night Market or Jatujak Market 
this is the biggest night market in Phuket, open on Saturday and Sunday nights. 
For nightlife entertainment, don’t miss the Phuket Simon Cabaret Show and the
Phuket Fantasea Show, the greatest Thai culture show.
People say, “If you have visited Phuket and have not visited Phuket Fantasea, you have not visited Phuket yet.” What does that mean?
Come see and discover the answer for yourself. No matter what you would like to do or see during your vacation in Phuket, Thailand.
Send us your inquiries for organizing your tour package. Let us be your tour guide and we will customize your
Phuket Tour Packages
or your day trips to make your holidays in Phuket the valuable experience possible.

Promotion of the month,book Phuket City Tour get free 1 way airport transfer, book Phuket Fantasea show with dinner get free 2 ways hotel transfer, Book Airport transfer get 10% discount for Phuket Popular day tours.

  Most popular day trips & tour packages in Phuket. 
Who said "You couldn't find cheap & good tours in Phuket" ?
But under our brand name "Gembira Tour Phuket" and our networks we can guaranteed that you can find cheap & good tours here!! 
We are always compare our price with other travel agents, for make sure our prices won't be beaten.
Enjoy with our promotion prices & early bird discount for many popular optional tours in Phuket.
The earlier you book, the cheaper you get.

Make early booking for make sure the seats are available on your date of service,
No risk price increases on Peak Season & get our promotion price early bird discount!!!

Phi Phi island Best Selling tours  Phi Phi island Hot deals 

                                Phi Phi island tours 

Phi Phi island tour
Loh Samah, Phi Phi island
Viking cave Phi Phi island
Viking Cave, Phi Phi island
Phi Phi island tour
Maya Bay, Phi Phi island

Koh Phi Phi or Phi Phi Island is the most popular island tours in Phuket, Thailand and  voted by visitors one of the top 10 best snorkeling and diving site in the world. You  shouldn’t miss this trip if you are traveling to Phuket Island. We offer many options and different price. The tour price different by the quality of the tour. Choose the best option suite with your style match with your budget:
1. Phi Phi island tour by cruise promotion price: 1,200 THB./Person 
Phi Phi & Khai Island tour by cruise promotion price 1,500 THB./Person
Phi Phi & Maya Bay tour by speedboat promotion price 1,900 THB./Person Phi Phi island Hot deals (Best Selling)
Phi Phi & Bamboo island tour by speedboat promotion price 2,900 THB./Person 

Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island Tour (Early Bird Discount)  Phang Nga Bay New Promotion

                        James Bond island tours

James Bond island tour
James Bond Canoeing tour
James Bond island, Phang Nga Bay
James Bond island
Phang Nga Bay Tour
Phang Nga Bay Sunset Cruise

 Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island Tour: this trip become one of the must do trips in Phuket because of its named "James bond" sine 1974 when "the man with the golden gun" was filmed and because of its amazing shape. 
James Bond island tour by long tail boat promotion price: 1,500 THB./Person (best selling tour) 
James Bond island Tour by cruise promotion price: 1,700 THB./Person 
James Bond island Tour by speedboat price: 1,900 THB./Person
4. James Bond island tour by long tail boat + Elephant trekking price: 2,000THB./Person 
James Bond island New Update
5. James Bond island tour with Sunset promotion price: 2,200THB./Person 
6. Phang Nga Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise promotion price: 2,500THB./Person  

Phuket Fantasea Show Promotion price

                                  Phuket Fantasea show

Phuket fantasea show
Thai's Culture show 
Phuket fantasea show
Similana Park
Phuket fantasea show
Elephant show
   Phuket Fantasea Show, this is a must see show in Phuket!!! it's become one of Phuket symbols because of the unique culture show that you can't find anywhere in Thailand & in the world. Phuket Fantasea Show (Book show with dinner get free round trip hotel transfer)

             Phuket City Sightseeing tours

Chalong Temple
Chalong Temple
Naka at Karon Beach
Naka at Karon Beach
Phuket Sunset Viewpoint
Promthep Cape

Phuket City Sightseeing Tour: This program is designed to fulfill your travel holidays with a culture and scenic treat of Phuket Island. Take trips in the islands natural beauty, culture and architecture as you will be guided by our local English speaking guide. Phuket City Tour  book this tour get free airport transfer  hot

                      Phuket Elephant Trekking Tours

Phuket Elephant Trekking Phuket Elephant ride Elephant Trekking

Elephant trekking tour
 this is one of the popular excursion tours in Phuket Thailand. Thai people believe that elephants are the Animal of lucky. So, if you riding on elephant's back or walking under elephant's stomach will become a lucky person and far away from the suffers of life. The elephants are one of the Thai symbols, about 100 years ago Thai nation flag use to have elephant photo in the middle of the flag.
See more information 
Elephant Trekking Tours. 

                           Raya Island Tour

Raya island, Phuket Thailand Racha island, Phuket Thailand Koh Raya Island, Phuket Thailand

     Raya Islands sometimes written Racha or Raja Island: The word means "king" if Phi Phi Island is the queen of Andaman Sea so Raya Island is the king of Andaman Sea, for those who are looking for Quiet Island and far away from the hectic holidays tours. It’s about 20 kilometers south of Phuket there are 2 Islands Koh Raya Yai and Koh Raya Noy.
See more information
Raya Island Tour.    
  Tiger Park

Phuket tiger park
phuket tiger park
phuket tiger park

 The Phuket Tiger Park is a relatively new addition to the group of attractions in the Kathu area a part of Phuket. If you want to get up close with real live fully grown tigers then this is the place to come...


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